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When you get a fracture, the healing starts when inflammatory cytokines mark the area. Blood cells clot around the injured spot, and the body's defence mechanism starts removing damaged tissue from the area. The body starts making new cartilagous tissue, which turns into bone.

For all of this to happen successfully, the injured area needs to stay in place when it's weak. This is why you need external support to heal. The whole philosophy of UCAST is based on eight principles:

01 Primum non nocere

We live by the Hippocratic Oath: first, do no harm. This principle is the golden rule of medicine, and all of our products are designed with maximal patient safety in mind.

Immobilization treatment involves having external fixation on your limb for several weeks at a time. Unwanted side effects include joint stiffness, muscle atrophy, cast saw burns, contact dermatitis, pressure ulcers, hair growth, macerations, nerve palsy, venous thromboembolism, infections, compartment syndrome and cast-related litigations.

Casting-related complications can be serious, but they are preventable. With a cast that fits well, has sufficient padding, and can be adjusted during the treatment, the risk of causing problems for the patient is really lowered.

02 Optimal fixation

Orthopedic treatment is continually evolving, and new research is bringing valuable information to the clinical practice.

It was long thought that strong, fully rigid circumferential casts were the best

Now, immobilization treatment is moving towards lighter, splint-based casts and functional braces, which support the area of injury but allow blood flow, muscle contraction, and some micro-movement at the fractured ends. UCAST is based on the principle of 3-point fixation, placing the support at the desired focus area while leaving other areas as free as possible.

03 Comfort

Imagine this situation: you can wear only one shirt for the next four to six weeks. You have to wear it around the clock, and you are not allowed to wash it. What kind of shirt would you pick?

Most people would go for a breathable, antibacterial, high-tech material, at any price.

When a patient receives a cast, they are in the same situation, except that they don't get to choose. To add insult to injury, the cast is covered in bandages.

Uncomfortable casts cause unnecessary suffering for the patients, and some patients will remove the cast. We want to make casts comfortable again by using soft, breathable sports-grade materials.

04 Non-toxic materials

Toxins like as isocyanates are a leading cause of occupational asthma worldwide. The hazardous health effects of are well established and globally well-recognized, but not very well-known in the affected population.

To us, the continuous use of toxins is sad and disappointing. We have worked with the toxic materials. We have colleagues that had to retire early due to these problems. You don't have to use toxins to treat the patient – it's only a matter of time before non-toxic materials take over. UCAST is one of them.

05 Eliminate waste

Hospitals are a major contributor to the.

06 To err is human

Healthcare is one of the most stressful professions. In an environment with constant hurry, long shifts without sleep, and not enough training, mistakes are bound to happen. In many cases, the individuals suffer from the system's faults, but it shouldn't be that way.

We believe that healthcare products can be designed in a way that allows mistakes, without causing disproportionately big problems.

UCAST is relatively easy to apply, but you there's always a second try. And third. And so on.

07 One tool among others

In its essence, UCAST is a lovely addition to all the treatment methods we currently have. UCAST is not a replacement – it's a complementary product, a valuable addition to the toolkit. Combine it with other materials, use it in a hotel room, we.